cavalcade of whimsy – steak mattress

Artists’s original notes: “As a palate cleanser/apology for that last cartoon, here’s another one of my favorite Cavalcades. It was the first one I did after deciding that I was sick of digital coloring, so I changed over to black & white with minimal color here and there. To make up for the loss of color, I decided to add more detail by throwing a bunch of extra lines everywhere.

“At the time this was drawn, I was doing search engine optimization work for my Dad. It involved writing a bunch of bullshit, and spellchecking other people’s bullshit. I hated it. John’s actual suggestion to get me out of my funk was steak, but he never presented me with one that would have to be delivered by flatbed truck. I don’t even want to imagine how big the cow would’ve had to be… we probably would’ve had to murder Babe the blue ox.

“That is one sweet-ass steak I drew, if I do say so myself.” – ctp

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