why trump will change nothing, whether he is good for the country or not

Why? Because career politicians are sleaze. career criminals. the good and moral public servant is either driven out by the stench of the swamp or won over by the dark side. congress is nothing but two major crime families who have called a secret truce behind closed doors while they fight tooth and nail over a couple of issues that fire people up emotionally but don’t mean a damn thing in the long run. meanwhile, they sell their votes to one another under the guise of fierce fighting for their PEOPLE and everyone gets a slice of the pie. it’s nothing but money laundering.

The swamp is ruled forever by the lowest life form of all, pond scum, and there will always be a new strain of filth that graduates at the bottom of their law class and can’t get a real job in the private sector so they go into politics. THAT is the only bi-partisan truth in American Government.

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