half of you are wrong and the other half are just ****ing ****heads, politically speaking of course…

this entire post is fan fiction. satire. bull****. we think the world of both mr. lazio and ms. clinton. she’s actually got a nice *** we think. so does rick too, but we’re not quite ready to talk about that.

when hillary clinton was running for senator in new york against deer in the headlights long island congressman rick lazio what the HECK did HE ever do to deserve such a shotgun barrel up the *** or did they just determine he was too honest to make it in the big time(?), it was what Y2K and one semi-reputable documented american citizen with a social security number a legal non p.o. box residence in new york state a history of paying taxes every year going way back and a registered voter to boot NOT registered to a politcal (editorial fuckup) party even no i’m not an independent that’s a political party too then what are you i’m a spawning  american and i’m just glad i’m not YOU okay, relates this totally anecdotal uncorroborated probable malecowdoody but what the CLOACAABUSE no one reads this STUFF anyway:

come back tomorrow for the REST of the story…

Did these two ever finally shack up? Probably not.

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