krapchat has published a new word in the Urban Dictionary – ABUs

bloxers can squash that boners BLOCK THAT DICK BLOCK THAT DICK if your honey don't want no funny business or if it's just the middle of the third date? hold back those two tablespoons of blood that make the difference after dessert and a pint of ripple.

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ABUs or ABU acronym for Anti Boner Underwear(s) , sort of self explanatory but for the non-erectile if you will, suggestive of your very best ‘what if I get in an accident’ quality of underwear that also has the magical property of being able to suppress a trouser ripping erection in an inappropriate public place such as church, school, or any other venue or situation where you wouldn’t want to embarrass either yourself or the object of your deepest and most precious sexual desires.

Used in a sentence:
Of course I want to fuck her, but her parents, priest and various law enforcement agencies will be present, so I’m wearing my ABUs.

Attention boys: ‘Boner’ hiding underwear has arrived

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Males no longer have to suffer the embarrassment of having a visible erection in public.

How so you say?  Enter the bloxers!

The product that promises that “when life makes it hard, bloxers make it easy.”

Bloxers are a new invention that was designed to help disguise an erection.

According to the makers of the Bloxers they were designed for “comfort and functionality”.

Each pair of Bloxers contains an inbuilt ‘deflector shield’, basically a large pocket that covers the crotch and conceals the erection.

‘The fabric, dubbed the “deflector shield” covers your crotch in its entirety…while deflecting to your chosen side,’ it is citied on the website.

Bloxers Picture Credit: Bloxers Picture Credit:

There are three different styles of bloxers. One for men who veer to the left when erect, one for righties and a third option for those who are ‘switchhitters’ – the men who are somewhat in-between.

The bloxers also come in three sizes- small, medium and large in three colours grey, black and white.

The inventors of the underwear have started a crowd funding initiative on Indiegogo in order to raise $20,000 (R247 600) to develop the underwear. You can also visit to find out more about them.

Their goal is to raise enough money to start an online store.

The inventors of the underwear are also donating 25 percent of their profits to men’s health organization, because they are all about “happy men, sexually, emotionally, medically.”

Take a look at the video they made about their product.

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