Viva la difference of the ages? – vive la dif·fé·rence?

I just had a thought…

Perhaps young men should make love to older women, so they learn to please them, with their endless stamina, over and over, they will also learn control.

On the other hand, should older men father children with the young women, as they will likely make better fathers, and also have the patience and control to better please the young women, who will thus be more gently and fully satisfied in their desires…

Thus, women of all ages will be all the more pleasured, as they deserve, and the men will have better served as both lovers and fathers all their lives, as they well should.

Now I ask, is this the wisdom of my age speaking? Or am I just a dirty old man?

I also remind myself that the lady of my own age I cannot imagine not having.

Such problems to ponder. Life is so hard for a man.

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