All circuits are busy, wow. Must be the FCC blocking all those robocalls finally, you think?

These are the questions for someone else to ask and get answered today before 5 p.m., please and that’s Eastern Time, okay?

My phones ring about 73 times a day. I made that number up but you don’t know that, so if I say it? You can write it down.

Someone should categorize and make hashtags of the recorded messages and their subject lines, someone please do that? There is a question do it.

How many people work for the FCC?

Of those people who work for the FCC, how much do they pay in federal, state and or local income taxes?

How much are we on the hook for pension wise for these people?

What are they doing?

How many lawyers do we need and how much do we need to pay them to get rid of the FCC?

How old must I live to be to see it happen?

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