kids and dealing with bullies

We all seem to agree that censorship is bad and freedom of speech is good, right? But we also know that hate speech is bad too, and that can seem contradictory, no? I mean, it’s just wrong to tease a fat, ugly kid to tears for being fat, ugly and unpopular, even if the kid really IS fat, ugly and unpopular.

Good people know that and curb their tongues. But not everyone is good, there are a lot of bullies and assholes out there who thrive on embarrassing and harassing and tormenting others because for them it’s fun, and that’s fucked up. Hopefully I haven’t lost most of you by now.

So we have laws against hate speech. So that’s good. But, let’s take the hypothetical case where there’s a fat, ugly unpopular kid who is also a bully. How do you tell your own kid to deal with deal with this kind of person in real life without them in turn getting their own ass in a sling?

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