*satire* Should White (people we ask you all) Be Banned After Labor Day?

    Screw Halloween (?) , that’s some harsh news tellin’ anybody they can’t express when they dress… I don’t need my kids to see that kinda krapchat ANY time of year let alone around a pagan holiday. Put some damn wax lips on at least and a Casper the Ghost costume on maybe. Go as a hobo. Hell I still like the big nose and the mustache those but you can’t wear that either why the hell not? Kids just wanna have fun. Let em enjoy an undivided nation for one damn day a YEAR. Froot Loops is the new Count Chocula. You can’t sugar coat this krapchat. Put some more fresh fruit out there. Have safe supervised parties. Dress visible in bright reflective clothing dammit and put the pedophiles on 24 hour watch in every damn neighborhood is what I say…  Photo from  https://www.businessinsider.com/why-you-should-not-wear-white-after-labor-day-2017-9 Photo source:

This image copyright getty images found it on businessinsider as noted above. Ask them about copyright. Kim looks great here, eh? Wish we could sell a poster. Anyone set that up maybe? Cut you in?

It’s just not American. We need white clothing, folks I don’t deny that, but not out in public after the kids are back in school, or so some say but I ask why not? We’re a stylish country and like it or not, a good tan can take you far in this world. It’s really a silly argument. Color is out. Clarity is the new rainbow. Still how practical is it to send a kid off to school in nasty weather and have to clean white clothing? We got enough single mothers trying to get by with deadbeat dads not giving them food money and she’s got to do extra laundry working one or more than two jobs just to make ends meet? That’s what’s not fair. It’s got nothing to do with color but you can be sure that race is going to be a huge issue in 2020 and it’s not coming from the people, it’s coming from Washington they trying to divide us so we can’t see how we’re all the same. It’s krapchat folks oh, and you got to get out there and vote for somebody who’s talking reality.

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