Why is Time Magazine bitching about Donald Trump playing golf on the weekend. I know there’s nothing new Under the Sun but how long have we been bitching about presidents playing golf on the weekend . Let me ask . How did Joe Biden spend the weekend? What did Hillary do this weekend? What did Bernie do? I don’t give a damn what these people do on the weekend. They don’t ask me what I did and I don’t want them to ask me what did and it’s none of their business what I did on the weekend anyway and who I did it with and that’s the reason why so many other people in the world want to come here and work hard all week and then play hard all weekend.
Yeah we got these mass killings and that’s awful it’s horrible and it’s probably even worse if you want to know if you’re one of the people that gets killed. And we’re the most awful horrible shity disgusting country in the world but why is it that everybody wants to come here. Because we have freedom. I think the luckiest thing that ever happened to me in my life was when I had open heart surgery 20 years ago and I stop driving. These days I take Uber. And I talked to a lot of people who weren’t born in this country I came here because they want a better life for themselves and their family and especially their kids. And yeah we have problems in the United States of America but they ain’t nothing compared to what’s going on in north of Pakistan and what’s going on in India and what’s going in El Salvador what’s going on in the Philippines what’s going on in Mexico and what’s going on in Central America and the Middle East forget about it is there still unrest there and what’s going on just about everywhere in the world except maybe Europe except there’s nothing going on in Europe that anybody can understand at least I can understand it and brexit exit I have no clue all I know is that at the end of the day more people want to get into America then we can handle right now and that’s an issue too. But we don’t care about that this week all we care about is these mass killings. But we wouldn’t be caring about them right now if they hadn’t happened. And nobody seems to want to come up with a solution to make them stop happening.

I digress. I hate people who say I digress. It’s 3:30 in the morning and I kind of hate myself for not being able to sleep right now. So back to giving a damn where did I leave off ah yes but I do give a damn. I do give a damn about the fact that all of these people whose spouses and kids and weekends seem to Fascinate us don’t seem to do a damn thing from Monday to Friday. And all we do is bitch about it.

Maybe we need a president who plays stickball. Yeah. You want to drain the swamp? We need a guy who can hit a Spaldeen 3 sewers.

Remember the term NIMBY question mark you never hear it anymore at least I never hear it anymore but then again I turn the news off a while back I don’t hear much of anything anymore except but people bitch about here on Facebook and I don’t hear anybody bitching about not in my backyard.

Why we elect ourselves a president who can hit a spaldeen 3 sewers, if that president is still going to posture and preached from the White House lawn what we have to do is make the entire rest of the country America’s backyard, and 2020 is going to be one hell of a church picnic folks. My advice? Keep you manage dishes out of the Sun, Don’t eat the brown jello and bring a lot of bug spray, especially in the months coming up because swamps breed pestilence and disease and there’s going to be a lot of blood sucking going on as all these Millionaires and billionaires start asking us folks who are having trouble paying the rent and the mortgage and even the grocery bills for our hard-earned money instead of them spending their own so they can go to Washington and become made members end and start enjoying the RICO operations known as the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Washington. Washing tons of money. The world’s biggest laundromat and all they wash is our tax dollars. Healthcare? Complicated subject I don’t have the answers but I do know that if I give a dollar to a politician and tell him I have a headache he’ll give me $0.30 back and say here you go by yourself an aspirin and the other $0.70? Where do you think that went?
Good stuff! Wash ing tons of money…brilliant!
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Bill Purkins
Bill Purkins i stole it. when i was in like 7th or 8th grade? 1967 or 68 pound laundry was the name of a post apocalyptic mythical city actually washington after the big one hit. they used the pound laundry metaphor washing ton but never took it to money laundering or maybe i was too young to get the joke at the point. stuck with me.
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Bill Purkins
Bill Purkins the curse of having a good memory and a conscience. hear that joe biden? wash this.

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  • Danny Peragine Good stuff! Wash ing tons of money…brilliant!
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    • Bill Purkins the curse of having a good memory and a conscience. hear that joe biden? wash this.
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