California Feral Population Blamed for Congressional District Polling heebie Jeebies

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Frank, just find a story where you can put this in okay it’s my niece from Iowa and she’s had a bad summer. I know it doesn’t exactly play for the Farmers Almanac we were going to do but maybe you could work it into a corn theme or something. She needs a break she wants to be a model but she has this rash that sometimes has to cancel at the last minute. See what you can do. I’ll all you want. Mr. Brown

A certain faction of California’s growing homeless population who choos to be identified as Cerebral Lone Unresidential Elite Lesser Economically Self Sustaining, or CLUELESS… are believed to possibly be one of if not perhaps the primary cause on an outbreak of the heebie-jeebies in the offices of the congresswoman formerly known as Nantito Policeme, nee Jerk House SpeakadeEngreesh…

These people move around so fast we cannot pin them down so we can show them how to open a PayPal account to accept donations for taxpayer-funded freebies like toilet paper built for the street, it’s heavy duty, you don’t hit the bricks hard, and it happens to be a Lombard Street after a heavy rain you get this marble Raceway effect and it ain’t pretty.

In other news, incredibly unrelated but just to fill some white space since we brought on are new Bluetooth connection to RedTube advertising campaign which we call the krapchat red white and blue tooth boob tube shoot me those to the to the Moon Alice homina homina True Grits nice tits baby you can curve of my dog but I wouldn’t say crap if I had a mouthful and a bed to sleep in, which gives free blankets to these people with the My Little Zamboni emblem on it. Detailed pricing schedule is to be worked out. Keep an eye out and watch your step especially on those cobblestones which we understand are going to be named to be renamed to be more politically correct, as allegedly stated by Miss patootie floating the idea that they be called load stones…

And because of the few unfortunate during the heat of the summer we’re a few of these people unfortunately passed away and were not found until glad-handing campaigns on the street by early campaign rallies there has been a certain population explosion in the tenderloin District as well where the carcasses of puffed up in the heat and unfortunately had collisions with discarded needles on the street so a few extra fee for being bus back and forth between the walls of State how’s the knee jerk house speaker and logistic formerly known as Ivory soap land which supposedly is leaving 99 and 44 100% to the left which is the diagnosis of bad case of Peyronie’s disease. There will be a pizza party at the O’Farrell on Thursday evening right after Mahjong and the new Bingo teams are announced for the winter season. Signing up for group chat news , this has been mr. Brown. Forget about it.


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