Tap water revealed as salty dancer foot sweat substitute

This foot has never tap-danced, yet it smells awful, but not for long when it takes a bath with these cute, squeezable, juicy little toy floating ducks. 8″x10″ Footprints suitable for framing with duck, see offer…
Supplies limited…

Source Oxford Dictionary nee duck
Do the Tarantino Tap your toes
Don’t you ever wash that thing

Dirty 💃 dancing at its finest…

Learn to pronounce
the lower extremity of the leg below the ankle, on which a person stands or walks.
synonyms: informaltootsietrotterMore

the lower or lowest part of something; the base or bottom.
synonyms: bottombasetoeedgeend, lowest part, lowest point, lower limits;

“she lived at the foot of the hill

Smell it. Duck it. Own it.

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