Hip salty insults for the 2019 fall striper run

These are in no particular order and could have been complete categories articles or just plain little thingies in Tales From The Darkside but then we’d have to charge you. Consider it free coffee.

Your mother has a cloaca.
First thought is you have no thumbs. Limited opportunities. You’re probably landlocked.

Sperm whale. This needs no definition use your imagination. Tadpoles get in but they don’t get out.

Bunker. Most fit striped bass fisherman at one point or another unless their elitist will catch your biggest fish on Bunker. You and the other hand should hide behind a lot of concrete.

You get the idea, and if you don’t get the idea return from whence you came.. Please comment below and whoever comes up with the best definition will win something it’s not even worth opening when you see our return address the little package that shows up. But it’s nice to get mail that you don’t throw out immediately. Live with it. Contest ends when striped bass season in New York state ends in 2019 and or December 15th which we think it does but we’re too damn lazy to go check the NY DEC Reds right now if you want to check that you can go to dailysaltwater.com
Void where it would cause us any inconvenience or liability.

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