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Warning: typos change stuff. Yes. Just viewing this post you have now secured for free shares in krapchat. Com.

This is non-negotiable.
All you have to do to seal the deal if you will is to clip this groovy coupon oh, you’ll have to print it out of course, do we have to explain everything to you people?
All type slow okay? Print out this page that’s number one we’re going to make a list. Are you with me?
1. Print out this page. Use your printer to do this. If you don’t know how to do that, ask an adult, or go watch a My Little Pony video. And please, don’t tell us about it.
2. Take the piece of paper that has the ink on it it looks like this page, and then find someone who will give you a pair of scissors. If you are not allowed to have sharp objects, revert to the My Little Pony video. See number one above about that. And if you have to do that, again, we don’t want to hear about it. The deal’s off.
3. Take a deep breath, you’re almost there. Now, cut the cool stock photo certificate with the four shares in krapchat. Com and you do that just above the dotted line it just below the dotted line that are above and below before shares . Again, if you have trouble with this … go to the videotape , with all due apologies to Warner Wolf.

Are you ready? Go for it.

This is the First dotted line.
It is the one that is above the four shares stock photo certificate, and again by doing this you not negotiably except nothing, you own nothing this is a joke, it is worth nothing. You have no idea how humiliating and degrading it is to write this krap.

4 Chers

Photo credits what we did was we googled Cher you know Cher she’s just phenomenal gorgeous Superstar actress-singer just incredible celebrity that America loves and we love her. So that we clicked in Google on images these four Images came up we took a screenshot and then we put it in this post. Now for as long as I can remember Cher has got the most phenomenal witty sarcastic Sharp and hip and wonderful sense of humor of just about anyone in Show Business and it’s always a delight to hear what she has to say. Also share sounds just like the word Cher, so we said wow suppose we had a stock photo that we use on krapchat. Com that had multiple shares on it like the singer named Cher. So we could have a stock certificate with four shares on it with a spelling error that we designate as being a spelling error figuring people could understand that and that it’s just a joke and then we could all share a laugh. And if you don’t find it funny to watch a My Little Pony video. And we like those two we really do. But that’s okay because this is America and lots of people like My Little Pony videos. Anyway. That’s what we’re doing here. And then. At the bottom or somewhere on this site we want you to buy something from us so we can keep doing this kind of krap so we don’t have to go out and get a real job. Right now the only thing we sell is a pooper scooper and bags. We’d like to keep it that way. But if you all go and watch those My Little Pony videos we have to sell much larger scoopers and much larger bags and we can’t afford the inventory right now so let’s keep it small keep it real keep it local keep it on your cell phone with a small screen and we hope you like our krap

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