Nigerian fluted pumpkin scam what’s Halloween candy sales not

Photo credit we googled fluted fruits and then selected images and we found this so you can do that too or you can look at it and it tells you where it’s from but we were just looking to try to figure out what it is called when you like take a piece of fruit and you cut it into a whole bunch of vertical things that I fall apart and open up into a flower shape or something like that so we thought that maybe that was fluted but apparently not this pumpkin #Nigerianpumpkin apparently is not only not orange but Nigerian pumpkin is #theneworange which is #theNewBlack in the pumpkin turns black I guess that’s okay because none of these interpreters be like yeah I’ve seen those black pumpkins so the whole jack-o’-lantern thing gets confusing then doesn’t it? So I guess there is no #Nigerianpumpkinscam but we will waste like 4 minutes of your time you know and we don’t spend a lot of time doing these articles but now it just doesn’t seem like it was worth doing but we’re not going to throw it out what do you mean oh



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