Trump and some othe country’s president talked on the phone. Serious apparently.

All of the above here we got from taking screenshots of after going to the Google News wish we do a couple of times a day just to see what’s really important.

So apparently what’s really important is that democracy dies in darkness and our only suggestion for the Washington Post might be that they turn the friggin lights on perhaps. Otherwise Melania looks good nice off-white post Labor Day outfit, the clown size buttons are a little spooky but Halloween is coming up so what the hell, her head is moving back and forth but you can hardly see her lips move while the president speaks, so all-in-all she gets points way over Nancy Reagan and certainly the Bush babes, not that we would have ever have kicked any of them out of bed okay?

Anecdotal though it maybe we’re kind of irritated that Craig rottles name is blocking melania’s left breast in the video which we find incredibly unfair to her fan base. Craig will be getting a strong letter possibly, but most likely not to be honest with you, will be in new refresher to sastre coming along any moment now I’m sure, the Joe Biden might have dropped as Spalding that he uses for squeegee squishy practice. Speculation of course.

Nice to see the Washington Post with an Advertiser The Addams Family October 11th we should all support that, nice mix up on the diversity with the writers for all you anagram fans. We love to see that.

Apparently the other president is Ukrainian but they don’t name said party, not sure why not, the Melania does look a little nervous in the video. You never know. Anyways that’s the big news from krapchat this afternoon. Just remember if you see krap say krap.

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