announces reckless move to embrace its place in

This foot has never tap-danced, yet it smells awful, but not for long when it takes a bath with these cute, squeezable, juicy little toy floating ducks. 8″x10″ Footprints suitable for framing with duck, see offer…
Supplies limited…

This is like publicly contracting an incurable STD and sticking it in the face of everyone you might shake hands with at the next dinner party you attend after coming back from the bathroom.

“That alone is enough to sell more hand sanitizer than you can shake a

(and I have to be careful with what rhymes with stick(?), okay Tom, we’ll go politically correct but just this once and stay with stick. Consider that stick to be from the non-gender-specific portion of the family tree… no maternal, paternal, funny uncle Etc implications. There. That ought to do it. POO. PEE. ROOSTER VACUUM. Twist my SWEATER MEAT, okay?)

stick at,” said some CrotchCheezWhiz spokesperson at, a leading slinger of detesticled MaleKowDoodoo, obviously trying to STEER us astray, thus rustling our feathers BrokebackMountin’ a BeaverUs and GoatButthead style, baby you got it, I’m your fiery pen*s, I’m your desire..

#hashtaghalloffame (, we like your style and we want to get in on the ground floor of this scam. Please consider this our official way of muscling in on your action. Are we cool?




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