Do NOT stick a Menthol Eucalyptus cough drop up your *patootie* or EVER eat a Tide Pod wtf

The number of companies that will try to sell you eucalyptus leaves plants bushes WTF on the internet and make you think that you’re actually getting anything with chlorophyll in it is astounding. In #krapchat.Com’s never ending Pursuit Of Truth justice and nothing else to do that pays us a #viableinseminationdeliverymechanism dollar our anecdotal efforts so far indicate to us that they are all full of poopies, at least as far as the result that we get from Google shopping, which by the way we happen to love and usually when you want to buy something it’s a tremendous first place to go. But not if you want some #splatgooey  eucalyptus leaves, in our humble opinion. If you’re worried about that or curious don’t check out WC Fields and what he had to say about opinions and then go drink a pitcher of martinis with in your tolerance level, please don’t drive…  and then go play a couple of warmup sets at Wimbledon and get back to us. Ass (Can I still say #ASS, roostervacuum?

editor’s note: you can say whatever you want mr. Brown, you’re the publisher just bear in mind that certain inalienable predictions can be made about bottom-line net revenue based on the words that you use. Look in the mirror and say does this man need to be driving a 1949 Packard that still needs a carburetor? We’re behind you 34%, and we’re all on board, but it’s a bumpy ride in the trunk regardless of how large it is.

Otherwise, eucalyptusLY this is where we might start.

Now you can clear your throat, cough turn your head, and come here baby. Want to smell the roses?
Mac Davis song comes to mind. Google it do we have to do everything for you? And if you want to learn to play that song you going to need a guitar pick you can buy that from

CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO BUY GUITAR PICKS. Can the next release of WordPress suck anymore?


can we be more blatant?

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