Madonna for President 2020

#Madonna #forpresident2020

One of my pet peeves about political differences between people who are staunch supporters of one or another political party is it they’re always claiming that whenever someone from their major opposing party is in office is they say that they are the most corrupt president we’ve ever had which is probably true but that’s probably just one-upmanship as you always got that competitive spirit with these people.

It’s in their blood, it’s in their bank accounts, it’s hidden in the walls of their vacation places. I just saw a post that asked who would possibly be considered more corrupt and my first thought was… The next guy? Then I consider that to be gender insensitive. Then I thought to myself, you know something I pity the first female president because everybody will be saying that she’s the most corrupt female president that we’ve ever had. And I hate to be sexist but I’d rather have her be known as the cutest.

#MaybeMadonnashouldrun. Just think of that if she made good on her campaign promises? She wouldn’t have time to screw the country she’d be too busy down on her knees servicing the people the way that a good politician should. #billpurkinswrites #halfofwhatiwriteyoulllove

Just think if Madonna were president imagine the aggravation and the savings both saved on arranging the entertainment for the inauguration not to mention special events she could handle that herself. Whether or not you like her politics most people really love her music and I’m sure she has a guitarist and hopefully uses Fender guitar picks which gives us the great idea that we ask that you please support our sponsor for this ridiculous story by buying your guitar picks from

CLICK THE photo above TO BUY GUITAR PICKS. Even if the man says sorry son but you’re too young to vote and you cannot pick your president  yet, you can still pick your pick. Or maybe you are old enough to vote and perhaps you find all the candidates distasteful, and one thing about Madonna running for President is that if he maintains the same campaign promises as she did win campaign for a previous candidate that she supported perhaps she would not leave a bad taste in YOUR mouth, though it might be the other way around, but that’s your problem. Fender guitar picks. Com always aims to please sorry about the bad plan, no pizza jokes even, we don’t want to go there, or come there let’s just leave this where it is well we are getting a head. Oh my.
  1. This is a satirical news story we have no relationship with Madonna, sadly. Nor does she have any relationship with Fender guitar picks. Com the we’d like to change that if possible maybe we could run and she could be our running mate or at least our campaign manager for our social media manager give us a call Ma’am we’re huge fans, but remember Size Doesn’t Count. So we hope that we didn’t offend one of our most favorite musical talents and certainly have no intention of leaving a bad taste in Madonna’s mouth, and certainly hope that she doesn’t sue us, because again this is all in good fun and even if it were to come true, again for choice of words perhaps but fitting one-size-fits-all you realize anyway, or so they say, and hopefully they will never be a gag order put on this story, getting back to the point oh, this being all in good fun, certainly worry to come to actually be true, it certainly would be good fun. And while we consider Madonna certainly a lady, we do know that Girls Just Want to Have Fun but that’s a Cyndi Lauper song, and we’re crazy about her too.

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