Mugwumps suck something but we can’t figure out how to monetize

this is a formal notice that is not looking for a mugwumps editor

The American political system being imperfect as it is is still the best one that we have well it’s the only one that we have but that’s because never mind.

That said we were incredibly disappointed to find out what mugwumps really were all about which is Much Ado About Nothing because they want nothing to do with politics, which completely negates anything that we might write that pisses off the rest of the world because mugwumps actually think about things before they vote and therefore are basically worthless to us.

So by chance should a mugwump read this the best we can do for them it’s to say if you want to buy some guitar picks from our sponsor Fender guitar picks. Com go to Google and key it in yourself. You want to be a free thinker? Go ahead. And if it doesn’t work out learn how to fingerpick. It’s a nicer sound anyway but we got to make a buck, dammit.

Okay. Copy and paste this maybe.

Hell… what the hell, everyone, mug wants to. But we don’t want the Irish? What’s up from Blazing Saddles? Yeah yeah that’s what movies were funny remember

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