if the truth hurts stop trying to insert it with a turkey baster

Look. I can appreciate that everyone has other responsibilities but if we don’t get an editor soon or at least somebody who can rotate a frigging picture of a turkey so somebody can read The Incredibles humorous witticisms on these temporary drawings that are Place fillers kind of like plastic brussel sprouts on the freaking Thanksgiving table we’re not going to be around until Christmas guys.

Serving suggestion Everyone likes a different piece of the bird on Thanksgiving get your fresh turkeys from krapchat.com maybe… call us at 631-553-0748 before midnight any night or at 12:01 a.m. or after we like to take a minute to take a quick cat nap cats love turkey to and dogs yummy yummy yummy poultry is good food if we get down to the grocery store will pick one up for you if they have fresh that’s cool and if they have Frozen that’s even colder and if it were a Eddie Cooler Than Me Tell Ted Williams head but that would be cannibalistic which would not be stylistic and we do love their music holiday music we all love it and who doesn’t love a nice turkey sandwich that L-tryptophan helps you sleep give us a call

Yes #weRisebyliftingothers but man does not live by lifting alone sometimes yeast is needed to #breakbread, of course if bread goes bad and gets stale, the show goes off the air and that’s called #BreakingBad. In which case question mark You #BetterCallSaul. That’s it for this morning’s plugs if you would like clever content like this it’s too late. Might as well start reading krapchat.com where if the truth hurts stop trying to insert it with a turkey baster, and if you play the guitar you should get your guitar picks from our sponsor Fenderguitarpicks.Com where the guitar picks are not a dime a dozen but they’re just a quarter a piece and they all don’t look alike because that’s not politically correct anymore so you get to pick your pic and you can make your own custom bundle so you can get it doesn’t guitar picks the sizes the shapes the colors that you want and the thicknesses and we’re all sick to a certain extent but girth is not the only thing that matters oh, of course size does not or that’s what they tell us. Thank goodness for that. I’m just an average kind of guy. And that’s #mytwocents and 6 inches for this morning. Of course if you do the math and you

give them an inch and they take a yard that amounts to 36 ins and outs and that’s just not enough to keep a woman happy if you know what I’m saying or even if you were as well endowed as half the men are that’s only six of one or half a dozen and you are not going to have a fourth date baby.

Contact me discreetly by private message and I can help. 631-553-0748 as for Mr. Brown. Please, however, do not call us and make us think of singing anything from oh Calcutta, Us phone numbers only we will do a background check on you but this is a serious offer. Everybody deserves a little satisfaction. And it’s a game of give and take.

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