be an editor at English as a teenth language preferred

  1. The #dirtywaterhotdog scene in #Manhattan is very very sad now and you can’t even get a #softpretzel until 2 in the afternoon in #PennStation on the #LongIslandRailroad level it’s bad and I got these little packets of yellow mustard so they give you three instead of let you just do your own squirt out of the tub you can still get a paper cup of soda from a fountain but they count the ice cubes to come up and it’s like a gas station thing ding ding ding ding ding ding ding going up a penny of the time whatever the fuck it is the country is going to hell the guys who can’t speak English on the corner of? They got fake mustache is glued on and at least a master’s degree in linguistics it’s all geared to the tourist trade now holy authentic guys get bus to San Francisco for the free needles

    Public service announcement colon if you can edit deranged gibberish and have no fear of being around crazy people who sometimes don’t remember when they have to ask to go to the bathroom you two could be an editor at English as a teenth language preferred

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