The Viennese Sausage Swallowing Team in town

No idea where this came from if this is your photo shame on you and if you want us to take it down well we’ll just cut it right out of this post no offense well it’s too late to say that. We figured it’s in the public domain since somebody in the public demanded that we see it they just whipped it out and showed it to us so we’re showing it to you. Sorry for shoving it in your face if you don’t like that kind of thing. Sausage. Don’t know how greasy they are but one can only speculate. Anecdotal anecdotal. Now we need hard hard facts.

The Viennese Sausage Swallowing Team was in town and I miss them again? Next time you got to get me tickets I promise I will try to make it. I’m telling you, I’d lose my uvula if it weren’t attached…

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