hey, hey, you, you, get offa my lawn harvey weinstein we hardly knew ya and georgina? who’s your daddy now?

from a facebook post by bill purkins, basically two crabby old men in their 60s trying to pretend they still have something to say except,

hey, hey, you, you, get offa my lawn

Bill Purkins shared a memory.

Does anybody remember what old Harvey did? I don’t. We have newer fresher disasters to concentrate on. And where is Georgina now

Love birds Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman in happier days… they look like such a perfect couple don’t they? Poor Harvey…


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we believe this is from https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn1.thr.com%2Fsites%2Fdefault%2Ffiles%2Fimagecache%2Flandscape_928x523%2F2018%2F04%2Fharvey_weinstein_georgina_chapman.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hollywoodreporter.com%2Fnews%2Fharvey-weinstein-silence-breakers-respond-anna-wintour-s-letter-georgina-chapman-1111293&docid=9BT6fiefg92rKM&tbnid=MiatyG1dcI6DPM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwjhyKrlkZflAhUkTt8KHY8yDjwQMwh7KAAwAA..i&w=928&h=523&bih=789&biw=1600&q=georgina%20chapman&ved=0ahUKEwjhyKrlkZflAhUkTt8KHY8yDjwQMwh7KAAwAA&iact=mrc&uact=8 and that it is a hollywood reporter image. we claim no copyright on this image and will remove it if someone can show we should not use it. this is being used strictly to support what we think is an image of two people we might refer to in this article, but we found this on facebook and there was no copyright mentioned that we saw so we used it. no offense, and please don’t beat us up or sue us. all we sell is pooper scoopers and we have yet to sell one as of this writing 12 october 2019 12:30 pm eastern… aren’t they cute together?
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  • Thomas Aitken The question is how many million will he have left after this is all over.
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    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken
      He’ll be self cream mated by then? Heh. Good one, huh? I give my right hand to be able to come up with hard ones like that just by snapping my fingers. No, all Harvey’s funeral will be on the cheap, I’m sure he’ll be some self-immolationSee More
    • Thomas Aitken If I was him I’d get this behind me as quick as possible and take what’s left and chill someplace like France. The French don’t give a shit about #Metoo. Matt Lauer too. He’s got a place in New Zealand! Perfect! Go there!
    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken what was it a year ago? I couldn’t even remember what he was being reviled for I had to Google it. She probably weighs more than he does now. Chocolate-covered cherry boxes all over the fucking trailer. Lobster shells and chicken bones all over the yard. You know what goes on.
    • Thomas Aitken Girl goes to married mans hotel room, at night, alone, repeatedly, has sex, thanx that was great, call me? Keeps seeing married man, career falters, 25 years later decides she was raped.
    • Thomas Aitken It’s only rape if the guys ugly, if it was George Clooney nobody would buy it.
    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken
      Happens every day. Except Wednesday nights that’s bowling followed by Chinese. The guy at the pork store has a thing for her too. He rolled a 300 last week by the way they threw a little party for him. Guess who showed up as a dancer outSee More
    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken Fan ta Rape Soda guy calls me every night he’s got a Limo and a timeshare in the Poconos and I says to him my gas bill is overdue and I could use some fresh panties? What time you want me over I got to get up at 6 for the diner
    • Thomas Aitken I’d rather talk to hookers than fuck them. They lay there like a dead fish, but they do have stories to tell, secret is, pay them in dope, they’ll hang around and talk till the cops gone.
    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken Dopey Sneezy grumpy I can never remember all those guys names all there was doc right yeah they need him he offers the group rates these people in the entertainment business are used to a lot of clap ping
    • Thomas Aitken I don’t think you can actually say “dwarfs” anymore, and snow “white” egads! Kinda racist.
    • Thomas Aitken Your best hooker bang for the buck are your cokeheads, followed by your tweakers, crackheads and coming in dead last your junkies. Your junkie hooker is usually going to have a black boyfriend waiting in the parking lot in a used Buick with “rims” and she’s going to be on a strict time schedule. Your cokehead, you dump an eightball onto a mirror and you ain’t getting rid of her til it’s all gone. And that going to be two or three hours. And it makes them chatty. And they’re generally a better class of chick.
    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken
      OK Randy Newman characters and the Black Widow something I don’t know I’m tired it’s Saturday I’m supposed to be off today and now you got me thinking about balloons and Stormy Daniels getting all excited
    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken why are you doing this to me now I have to actually read the stuff with my genuine original eyeballs and that means putting glasses on instead of having the nice text to voice robot lady from Japan read it to me from the jacuzzi she’s not wearing any shoes today and her feet are still bound I mean I’m trying to watch cartoons here with my granddaughter.
    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken
      Hey I need your advice this is the kind of crap that I get from some people? Is this harassment? Racism? Sexually inappropriate? Maybe I should get deadbolts you think? Thanks. You know how I value your opinion.
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    • Thomas Aitken Post like this are so generic and lacking in imagination they’re basically spam. I have a strict cat picture/have a nice day/ sunsets, flowers/ inspirational quotes limit one per week or you’re blocked.
    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken
      It’s not like I don’t care how you feel Tom but I’ve been trying to get a picture of my dog taking a shit in the backyard but you put a camera on these animals and they seem to know that you’re looking at them very secretive I get asked See More
    • Thomas Aitken It’s Saturday, there’s stuff to watch on tv, I’ve got food and booze in the fridge, gas in the car and money in my checking account, so yes I suppose I’m ok.
    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken
      Okay that’s good to hear. Don’t eat the brown cello. I’m going to have another cup of peppermint tea and then go throw up for a while.
    • Thomas Aitken I’m thinking of buying a combination fake electric fireplace/tv stand combination over at Home Depot. $299 or $399 for the one my ex wants that I’ve already explained I can lift it up to get it out of the minivan and into the house but she don’t care.
    • Thomas Aitken When I’m feeling down I just tell myself be thankful you’re not Randy
    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken actually I think Randy is glad that he’s not Randy most of the time
    • Bill Purkins Randy Erb Tom’s making fun of you being an understudy for the part of Sybil in that local community theater group again. You might want to put a kibosh on it quick before people start taking you seriously.
    • Thomas Aitken I wasted a lot of time being depressed back when I was actually in the prime of my life too
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    • Bill Purkins New editorial policy guys if you use a word that most people have never used never heard and we’re never going to understand? Make sure it’s in the headline and then it’s the main keyword of the article, otherwise if it’s just in conversation between uSee More
    • Bill Purkins The other thing is that I’m thinking of having term limits on managing editor of krapchat.com say 30 to 90 days provided there are conjugal visitation rights which are liberal enough to allow time to have a hooker come in, now that he’s out of CaliforSee More
      krapchat.com – “If you see krap? Say krap.” – epitaph on the unmarked grave of freedom of…

      krapchat.com – “If you see krap? Say krap.” – epitaph on the unmarked grave of freedom of speech…

    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken
      I Remember the prime of My Life. Unfortunately I was in a Subway bathroom at the time. I was so close? And then I thought i heard the train a coming it was coming around the bend for your edification Just then the Lights Went Out and I wSee More
    • Thomas Aitken I went straight from premature ejaculation to impotence somewhere in my late twenties
    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken that may or may not be better than what happened to #BillClinton apparently his #Peyroniesdisease made him take a hard bent to the left. You ever see the way he eats a slice of pizza? I haven’t. I don’t know who has. Maybe #Monica? What would it matter I just said it to be enticing and totally anecdotal how to make somebody laugh hopefully. Otherwise? It’s just a bunch of krapchat.com
      krapchat.com – “If you see krap? Say krap.” – epitaph on the unmarked grave of freedom of…

      krapchat.com – “If you see krap? Say krap.” – epitaph on the unmarked grave of freedom of speech…

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  • Bill Purkins Hurry. Noon deadline. Shit. Okay. Make it ABQ.

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