Krapchat needs professional clarification and or psychiatric help, not sure which

Look, we’re not proud here at #krapchat and Lord knows we have not even sold a single pooper-scooper yet, though the guitar pick sales are up at Fenderguitarpicks.Com and apparently that’s due to us, so some of you are actually reading some of this dribble, and we’re so sorry for you, we’re taking up a little collection at the office and will try to send you each a card. In the meantime, please be considerate and don’t sneeze in public.

We admit we are cheap bastards

So we have a question and we would like some free advice. While sitting around not doing our jobs the other day someone asked whether or not any of us had ever slept with a lady lawyer, of course we all denied denied and denied, and then someone wondered whether or not they had cloacas, and not only did none of us know the answer, most of us had never even heard f the word cloaca and immediately went scurrying for the Urban Dictionary, and eventually we found out that both chicks and sharks have them, and that was good enough for us. So the question then became whether or not this was actually a medical question and or something that would qualify as legal advice.

Any ideas?

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