Why you don’t say krap if you have a mouthful and a $40,000 boob job

The following was overheard in an editorial meeting in the virtual offices of krapchat.Com

Subject: why it appears that most Hollywood people are Democrats, this cannot be confirmed as they don’t release their voting records to our knowledge. Regardless let’s see what they had to say

Thomas Aitken have you considered that the majority of them have no political agenda at all and have probably never had a political thought in their lives look at dear little Georgina hanging out with Harvey now maybe that was true love and we had forgotten about it but we dug it up yesterday and I will forget about it tomorrow especially because tomorrow is a holiday but we’re not allowed to celebrate that anymore but you be damn well that nobody’s going to give up the day off sooner or later will rename that one tear down the statues and we will only be allowed to have pizza anymore it’ll be called a European taco or some kind of shit open-faced motherfuking European Taco there you go can we get pizza Mommy? What are you some kind of racist kid where’d you learn that shit in school dammit. Absolutely not. Eat your goddamn Soylent Green. And if you don’t finish it everybody? I’ll send you back to the test tube I got you from. We can always buy another one like you. You all look alike.

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