#PussyNubcap or #BigRedDickhood? #AmericasChoice #ScrewedAgain by #DoucheStatusQuo or #FreshStenchThieves? NO. #WriteInOnlyIn2020

69 minute read with one hand on the pulse jet shower nozzle

#PussyNubcap or #BigRedDickhood?
#AmericasChoice #ScrewedAgain by #DoucheStatusQuo or #FreshStenchThieves?

Do we really need to say anything else here? I mean, you can get some coconut oil Maybe? Otherwise really instructions, talk to some friends that you feel comfortable about intimate things. Otherwise, Everyone likes to take a nice long hot steamy bath. You can leave your hat on. Maybe you can shop at Fingerhut? They certainly have high enough interests. And you can pay for it a little piece at a time. Different Strokes for different folks. Rub-a-Dub-Dub folks. This is Pursuit of Happiness at its best and for a few minutes you can forget all about which mucous membrane you’re going to take it up in come (sic?) 2020. 20/20 the stuttering year where everyone who goes to the voting polls will be flapping their jaws going homina homina. You can’t vote for Ed Norton. At least not the one who wrote the greatest swan song of all time. The honeymoon is over. The great one has left the building. Baby, no one of these clowns is the greatest. They all got a big mouth, but Alice is in Chains, and if they have their way, we’ll all be working on the Chain Gang, either for the man in the Ivory Tower, or maybe in the fields picking the beans has the fertilizer trickles down to nourish us economically 1, all, at $15.00 an hour, of course that’s before union dues and taxes, also before paying sales tax in your chosen local jurisdiction, wherever you can afford a roof. Yes, finally the largest middle class in American history. Could actually become 208 weekends with Bernie, AKA a nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue. Stay tuned, we’ll be right back after the country Goes to Hell.

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