Bye bye Jeffie, we hardly knew ya




 will anyone ever come again like we all twisted in the wind last Summer?

1. We don’t prosecute sitting #politicians well they are doing #thepeopleswork when they are in office. There will be time after they leave office to punish them for their #highcrimesandmisdemeanors.
2. After they leave office though, the new and incoming stay-over #sittingpoliticians say no no that would be a waste of the people’s money and our precious efforts that serve them oh so very well. Our time is better spent on serving the people than #witchhunts on people who can no longer harm are precious populace.
3. This is why no one ever goes to jail for fracking the #Americanpeople up the asterisks and robbing Us all blind.
4. It’s also why people like Jeffrey Epstein either live forever or mysteriously decide to kill themselves just before they can name names.
5. Jeurfrey Exdstein of course, was not a politician, and no politicians seem to remember him very well.
6. Given the choice, it would be interesting to see which these politicians would prefer to have to release, their tax returns? Or their airline travel records?
7. Time to go re-read the Rico laws as perhaps applicable to the #HouseofRepresentatives and the United States #Senate.

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