Centers for Disease Control announces plans to deprecate the penis by 2069

The STD problem has gotten out of hand and no one seems to be willing to take it head-on and lick it…

This was what at least one unidentified dick head in a non-declarative and non specific gender United Nations sponsored restroom said one day last week, or so we think, we lost our notes, they were out of toilet paper.

It’s just not right said one left handed person, about where the little handle was to flush the toilet. This clown was later determined to be ineligible to be included in our survey data collection process when he she or it’s declared sexual identity was determined to the be that of a stand-up comedian who had no other intention then to not only leave the seat up but also to put it around his head until potty jokes come back.

The service is good and there’s a two-drink minimum, and while we found the $69 cover charge at the door a bit excessive, the mix your own crab dip and nachos appetizer was excellent. Look for grope and or Groupon specials.

Please note that we would like to acknowledge the help of the marvelous voice-to-text recognition engine and the new block party friendly version of WordPress which together prevents us from typing with more than one finger and in our opinion completely relieves us of our responsibility to distinguish between than and then and or a country by the name of Andorra. If we can find a way to blame Ms Zookinfurger we will.

2.78 second read .. Hi mom can I have a garage key at least?



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