Will Nancy Pelosi lead move to ban new miracle cure all drug found to also increase IQ in sanctuary cities?

is fishing the answer to all man’s woes? ask this man who asked to remain anonymous but says he had open heart surgery and three minor strokes 19 years ago and today is happier than he’s ever been. we have reason to believe him.

fishing cures all? striped bass 26 inches not a keeper 28 inches minimum size in nys currently october 2019 Hey guys, Wanna buy some cream to make your **** harder?
(inset photo of hot chick with massive…)

69 second read… Why would she do that? We haven’t heard any such thing. Hell of a headline though?

oh hell…

John W. Pierce III Is it like that miracle drug that cures heartburn but also opens the door for cancer? Or will it be like that hernia mesh that’s making the new rounds of lawsuits? Maybe it’ll be like that morning sickness drug, thalidomide! That worked so well!
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  • Thomas Aitken I’ve actually been watching the Class Action channel myself, shopping for a lawsuit. I’d be a perfect fit for mesothelioma, I breathed in a ton of shit in the navy and later at an oil refinery, but I’m still healthy as a horse. Damn!
    • Bill Purkins I keep getting batcrazy flashes of you in a golf cart ridin’ it hard put away wet in a puddle of those boutique 12 grain Starbuck’s wannabe barista beers or wtf they are pumpkin latte md4040 why the hell dontha just lay in the parking lot of the bodegaSee More
    • Thomas Aitken I live in a gated community, they close the gates at 8 pm or around there, I’ve never been out that late, I lost my gate card. If your in a car, speed limit is 8 miles an hour, if you’re on a golf cart it’s about 35. Thing is, these damn golf carts cost as much as a good used car.
    • Bill Purkins Thomas Aitken there’s a back seat in them? where do you fuck? or do people lay off premature green shots if you and the lady get nasty around the gimmee putt radius if it’s an important hole, you ever feel that short grass on your back shit it’s like nothing you ever had in any motel, magic fingers was nice but who has quarters these days, and those ballwash machines #fugeddaboudit meetcha on the lady’s tees slip her the back nine whadja shoot today broke, 69, i lost count who the hell keeps score anymore… ABQ there’s not even any fuckin alligators down there? you got snakes and shit?
    • Bill Purkins i don’t even PLAY golf, not since the 80s? this is 26″ too small to eat WTF… they gotta be 28″ here. talk about a gag order…
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    • Thomas Aitken My shoulders are shit, I got a swing like Charles Barkley. We’ve got a putting green everybody uses as a toilet for their miniature Schnauzer. There’s an indoor pool I’ve never been in, a community center I go to once a month to pay the rent. There’s a place where you can park your rv for fifty bucks a month. Once inside the park, there is no grass, everything is covered with pebbles. Your “yard” is a patch of pebbles about four feet wide surrounding your trailer. You can have a cactus or a small bush and some people go with metal figurines. I’ve got a ceramic frog we had laying around. And a rose bush. With the exception of service people, cable guys, roofers, delivery people etc, the place looks deserted. A hot air balloon landed in front of my house andmaybe eight people came out to look at it. On the average day I’ll get up around 0430, coffee, fb, news, tv goes on at 0630. I’ll watch tv and program my directv till about 0830, then I get dressed and go out for a spin around town. There’s a lot of town left to explore and after January 1st I’m going to be looking for a delivery gig so I need to learn the city a little better. I get home around 1100 or noon, have lunch and watch tv. I’m usually in bed around 4:30, watch tv till I fall asleep around 7:30 eight o’clock. Sleep like a log. I look at my bank accounts a couple times a day and my month revolves around rent day and SS check day. I’m not miserable but if I just didn’t wake up one morning it wouldnt be a great disaster.
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