Sorry there son but you’re too young to vote but if you’re too old you can run for president and if you’re dead you can vote twice or more you can devote yourself to vote a hundred times in Chicago

define young? I’m sixty-four… to me nearly everyone is Young. We talkin Neil Young we talkin’ it old man look at my life? Just Crosby Stills and Nash they’re old two all these people are old Trump is Thurston Howell the third old but just early 70 something how old is Bernie? Forget about that how old doesNancy Pelosi look? What the hell does a room full of these people smell like Vicks Vapor Vapor rug Icy Hot tiger balm and whatever the hell they were using on their bones poor choice of words there I guess on Epstein’s Island Paradise? Why don’t some of these young people run for president then? or shut up or maybe even just vote racist my ass…  And

how come the polls are still counting just men and women last time I filled out a new patient form for my urologist there were 9 different genders on that thing I am not kidding you in 2020 I fully expect to be able to walk into a voting booth writing an illegal immigrant and have 50 other people voting with me at the same time and we can all pee together …

put up or shut up America if you see s*** say s*** and look at that they won’t even take voice recognition and let me do anything but with this quote myself thank you Mark Zuckerberg you are a piece of s*** where if you see crap say crap and it starts with a K sir not a c. The c word is something else. And you’re one of those two

perhaps, of course you’re a classy guy. Yeah that’s what I mean

I identify as a mugwump nobody asked me my opinion in any political poll

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