TwoFerBabe has a tentative money maker to shake – should we stay or should we go on this?

The questions are nauseating and abundant. Would you wear these? Should Bill wear these? Would you buy underwear for yourself or your significant other with their photo on them and then either one of you wear them or maybe get a HUGE pair and wear them together hera there and everywhere until we you and your POSSLQ get sued by the dr. soozyq peeps perhaps like a swarm of pissed off star studded paper tiger sneetches grubbing for a few grains of sparkling sand on the beaches where the beetches don’t wear no clothes down under there at all? Or is this idea doomed to limp on FINS next year, old man look at my life, come along children we ain’t walkin’ through the valley of the dead little people ho ho ho moe larry and curlies here let’s go back and you can build a sand castle, no timmy, i don’t know what those two older gentlemen might be doing there, it doesn’t look like a hot dog to me, and well, it does look a bi like your grandpa but no, he’s never smiling like that OMG… LOOK! LOOK at the water! I think I see a turtle choking on a HEFTY BAG!!!!!! Let’s take a group selfie….!!!!


and don’t forget to buy them fenderguitarpicks …

just CLICK THE PICKS below:

fender guitar picks 4 for a dollar best price on the planet until someone else can prove they’re lower, no tracking they’re flat and fit in a first class envelope. other people charge you $3.50 to ship a dozen guitar picks worth less than the shipping pretty stupid we think. buy from through eBay and pick your own picks, mix and match like you did back in the day at the main street music store that’s not there any more. or? go to guitar center or sweetwater, we’re cheaper than them too. we’re even cheaper than buying picks from and they make the friggin things, plus? we carry extra heavies and they don’t. figure that out. there’s a reason but it’s absurd, as is nearly everything in today’s world. your choice. get back to your roots. fender guitar picks 351 classic celluloid thin, medium heavy and extra heavy in white, shell, confetti red white and blue and black. best price on the planet. best sound on the planet.


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