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New medical / psychological syndromes, torture pair and 1st degree felony discovered, ITCHEYS – I Truly Can’t Handle Eating Your Shit – and SOYSIMSATH – Stop Okay? You’re Shitting In My System And That’s Murder!

*** this is satire, but maybe it shouldn’t be? ***


    I Truly Can’t Handle Eating Your Shit
    This can be a situational symptom, an acquired short term or long term syndrome, or an incurable disease, any of which can potentially be fatal.

    Stop Okay? You’re Shitting In My System And That’s Murder!
    This is a crime, a violation of basic human rights and it is rooted in the fundamentals of being an asshole that gives another human being so much unjustified shit so fast and so relentlessly in such an abusive and fucked up manner, and in public even sometimes aka soysimsathSUPERsized, that it’s gonna kill them sooner or later. In other words, somebody’s gonna get hurt. Bad.

    Sometimes, though, all you can do is pick up your guitar and play…

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By mr. brown

Mr. Brown, the founder and spiritual leader of krapchat, is a bitter old man who weeps daily at the demise of freedom of speech in the United States of America. is his way of fighting back against political correctness in every form, and if that doesn't work, it is at least a place where you can tell a joke without offending some new age pussyhat wearer, or just as bad old men who wrap themselves in the flag yet never served in the armed forces themselves and managed to get their sons out of serving as well, often with an ailment of the feets.

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