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Vape-hoverboards may be in short supply as rumor of miracle flatulence based alternative energy source for personal urban transport hints at new mass transit even cross country and international travel potential

*** note krapchat does not endorse vaping. in fact, we don't smoke, don't drink, well we like that strawberry mio, but wtf, we just kicked sweet n lo. otherwise? we're adam friggin' ant, okay?

Could this send Bitcoin through the Port-a-Potty basement roof and anyone who gets a heads up on getting an early seat before the beer drinkers hit the head after this weekend’s football games? Well you never know, but highly unlikely, what do we really know. It’s a highly irregular business and with the Bratwurst sales what they are right now, everyone’s just enjoying the tang in the air, thank goodness it ain’t Summer, phew...

That’s what someone said, but you’d have to pull our finger right outta the socket to get us to tell you who said it. But look at this…

|||||| beginning of nathaniel hall’s cool stuff – HIS gig, we got NO relationship with the guy but we like his style…

check this dude out we found this on youtube © related to this video we have no clue must be this guy:
Nate420 286K subscribers SUBSCRIBE Where To Hide Your Vape • Snapchat ~ MrNathaniel123 • Instagram ~ Nate420 • MERCH ~ • MY SONGS ~ My name is Nate I’m a Canadian stoner and this is my life! Join my MEMBERS ONLY club 🔒 (25% off my shop + members only live streams)… For business or product reviews ect. Email me at: 18+ intended for adult users under Bill C-45
|||||| end of nathaniel hall’s cool stuff

By mr. brown

Mr. Brown, the founder and spiritual leader of krapchat, is a bitter old man who weeps daily at the demise of freedom of speech in the United States of America. is his way of fighting back against political correctness in every form, and if that doesn't work, it is at least a place where you can tell a joke without offending some new age pussyhat wearer, or just as bad old men who wrap themselves in the flag yet never served in the armed forces themselves and managed to get their sons out of serving as well, often with an ailment of the feets.

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