Googled ” how do i mark a fake news post on facebook? ” and boy did we get a lotta s***

And this is what we got. 

First off, Facebook does not seem to call Fake News by its real name, which is “Fake News.” In other words, you can call someone’s words fake and you can call them news but the don’t want you to call ANYONE’s words #FAKENEWS, or that’s what the current theory is here in the #KrapchatStinkTank, which is high atop Mr. Brown’s Royal Krapper throne, detecting Krap 24x7x365 with a day off to flush and wipe our hands every four years when we take a breather after the month or so of shit from a presidential Krapfest election, it takes about that long to wipe and disinfect, shred evidence and move the kash money at least to a safe place if you understand what we’re saying.

1. This might be boring. First? They call it FALSE NEWS. First time we ever heard false news. WTF. what the foo? Who googles #falsenews? do you? Not we. See?
2. How do I report fake Facebook posts?
now if something is a fake Facebook post, that would mean it is not a real Facebook post, right? But if it’s posted on Facebook and you’re reporting it, how can it be fake? It’s a post. It’s on Facebook. It MUST BE REAL, or rather it must be a non-fake Facebook post.  So? You CAN’T.
We’re not gonna go further on this right now. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, just go hop on your little pony and put your pink hat back on and put another quarter in the jukebox, baby, turn it up to 11, no, to 69 and scream OMG OMG OMG for the rest of the day. Then? Pick a new gender if you want, change your name and run for President. Someone in Chicago may write you in before they visit the old country to help their cousins pack.
and, just to bitch. these instructions suck.

okay, so now let me get this straight… you put da lineakrap in da kookoonut and stick it up your cocobutt? you call da datadoctah and you say…

it’s not fake news it’s false news and it might be in a fake facebook post but there ain’t no such ting on facebook necause if it’s a post on facebook it’s got to be a real facebook post even though it might be fake news but we don’t have a way or even say dem words now do we.
bottom line, yah don’t mark fake news on facebook. you ZUCK it. all over the berg if ya will. we’re all getting zucked and what’s da motivation ya tink? thinkabit. tocoinaphrase… where’s da money? it’s the database dummy, it’s information about me and you honey…
fortunately? there’s a new site,

and they want YOU, and me, together… smile… where’s the happy face emoji when ya need it?

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