Mr. Brown has a groupie

Dear Mr. Brown,

I love your site and I love you.

Do you people have those cones they put over dog’s crotches after they’ve gone through minor surgeries? We have a situation in our multi gender bathroom in the employee’s Lounge down at the warehouse where we keep the coconut oil

you see we hire these interns offshore at the telephone Banks and before they’ve had their diet coke in the morning we just never know what they’re going to do and we got a shipment of nail clippers in unfortunately a couple few weeks ago and the damn things were these big pet toenail Dremel things and effectively some of these depressed individuals with low grade point averages decide that they want to go the Bruce Jenner route and if it happens before the 7 a.m. shift comes on we don’t even have a nurse’s aide on site if I were to have our psychiatrist call you off hours on a spoofed number would you be able to take the call without asking for the last eight of our social security number we all have the same one here of course I hope you don’t have a problem with that you do issue a 1099 in Bitcoin? Anyway get back to me love Ashley, and by the way? Those Kegel exercises work great. The dog sleeps through the night finally. Mr. Brown, you’re a genius.



your secret admirer at the hot dog 🚚 truck 🌂 purple like the big vein you 💘

By mr. brown

Mr. Brown, the founder and spiritual leader of krapchat, is a bitter old man who weeps daily at the demise of freedom of speech in the United States of America. is his way of fighting back against political correctness in every form, and if that doesn't work, it is at least a place where you can tell a joke without offending some new age pussyhat wearer, or just as bad old men who wrap themselves in the flag yet never served in the armed forces themselves and managed to get their sons out of serving as well, often with an ailment of the feets.

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