Such beauty, such a pitty

if you know this woman, why are you wasting your time looking at her on take a bath you fool and bring her a basket of fruit!

dear mr. Brown, the clown review of your website, krapchat.Com, we regret to inform you that we cannot Grant you anything at this moment in time. And when we say anything, we mean anything. Nothing, nada, zeeroh, zilch, indeed, the very null set of things with me.

By mr. brown

Mr. Brown, the founder and spiritual leader of krapchat, is a bitter old man who weeps daily at the demise of freedom of speech in the United States of America. is his way of fighting back against political correctness in every form, and if that doesn't work, it is at least a place where you can tell a joke without offending some new age pussyhat wearer, or just as bad old men who wrap themselves in the flag yet never served in the armed forces themselves and managed to get their sons out of serving as well, often with an ailment of the feets.

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