Did you mean: crapchat? – No. If we meant crapchat, we would have SAID crapchat.

We said krapchat, and we meant krapchat because if you say what you mean there remains the slight chance that someone, in a land far far away perhaps, albeit farther than the speed of light can possibly/theoretically travel in your lifetime might allow for you to reap any social, financial or spiritual benefit from, might actually interpret and understand it as it was intended, good luck, as opposed to what might come out the other end of today’s generally lauded golden age of miscommunication where some f****** a**hole who codes with one bony finger pointing at a process flow on a glass walled stall in a multi layered multi gender public lavatory bring your ferret to work boiler room hollywood square styled sweat lodge on a venus themed or some other gaseous wasteland agile workspace works a 39.5 hour 2 day week for $15.01 (he/she//it’s, sorry we only got so much room and vision here, but pick a gender any fucking gender, oh sorry, did we let that one slip? well fuck US!) an hour but only in our delusional feeble little noncomprehending minds might mean what? Might we net 1099 in #BernieBitCoin after paying union dues off the top for the privilege of campaigning for him and what if he loses?

krapchat.com note: we googled “krapchat.” at something like 6 in the morning on Sunday, 2019/11/17, and then this happened, and what you see above is a print screen of the google chrome image we saw on our monitor/display/screen/wtf and it doesn’r print the f****** screen okay, it just captures a bitmap image of the f****** stuff that you see ON the screen and puts it in your clipboard and then to actually print that you have to go through we have no idea how many actual layers to make it come out on what we generally experience here on a flatland style 8 x 10 piece of something we used to call paper now possibly known as a crime against some f****** tree species, maybe google “tree abuse class action lawsuits sub-gender specific” but don’t do that if you have oak furniture OKAY!Did you mean: crapchat

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