Urban Dictionary – berniebitcoin was published – well lookie here, we did it again…

berniebitcoin economy gonna take you higher and higher your hourly wage as the new middle of the road dead skunk yellow stripe down your back working for the man every night and day for such exuberational pay might just pay your way for the weed taxes that fuel the fires of the loose joint chiefs of hash purveyors moe and larry got you by the curlies and shemp got the hemp rope a dope check it out on snopes you don’t believe it or you think this is just krapchat?

Urban Dictionary – berniebitcoin was published



7:34 AM (1 hour ago)

to me

Thanks for defining berniebitcoin!

Editors read your definition and decided to publish it on Urban Dictionary.

It should appear here soon: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=berniebitcoin

Urban Dictionary



Noun – fictional

BernieBitCoin is a vaporous currency backed by Krapchat. It’s what you’re possibly left with after buying into the $15 an hour working minimum wage movement that some folks think is designed to make cat food the national dish of the American Middle Class.

“Daddy, I’m hungry, what’s for dinner?”
“Go ask your other Daddy. I’m the mama Daddy. We have a half a can of cat food. You want something else, cough up some BernieBitCoin or get a job.”

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