Is this considered an illegal gambling operation, a friendly social media between friends, and or a fat chance in hell?

Note… this is a serious post, however if it is illegal for you or me to do this then this offer is totally null and void and is it is just for amusement purposes. it is for amusement purposes anyway okay but I’m not going to get in trouble for trying to keep the peace. Good luck and don’t bust my chops…

I just managed to wake up an overworked, oversleeping exhausted mommy, a big dog and a 7 year old in less than one minute elapsed time, and no humans have yelled and the dog has not even barked. Want to bet on how long this lasts?

Submit your bets of $1.34 per PayPal ID to or at least or at least even

Please note. This is very important make a comment with your bet information in other words how many minutes you believe it will take for someone to lose their temper. Also be aware that because I am the one who had to wake them up I’m the one who determines what losing one’s temper is. In my definition? Because I got up at 3 a.m. and couldn’t get back to bed to sleep anything that aggravates me is considered losing one’s temper. Okay? Do you understand that? And if anybody b****** about this they can have their dollar and $0.34 back.

The closest guess in minutes over and over under rounded to the whole minute according to me the judge, Grandpa, will win whatever is left over after PayPal fees, less 20% of that amount left for my time and effort. Void where you can’t do it. Must be 18 and willing to lose $1.34 just for the fun of doing this. The bus comes at 9:05 oh, it’s 8:43 right now. However, the contest ends at 11 a.m. eastern standard time November 20th 2019, and since no one else but me knows about this there’s no way to cheat. I promise to be honest about what I consider yelling and or barking for that matter let’s leave the dog out of it. Just a matter of whether or not I will record the time when someone loses their temper. Good luck and don’t get your hopes up. All I can say is it’s 8:44 and it hasn’t happened yet so maybe there are such things as miracles.

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