An apple a day means you have one less Apple over the course of the week every day and by the time you run out of apples then you got nothing to compare to the oranges WTF

This is the kind of crap with a “K” AKA krapchat we had to grow up with listening to i.e. Mr. Brown and his supposed 24×7 drunk-ass salty wisdom. Better off to just eat the damn Apple, and the Nutella on toast oh, Watch the cartoon, get your ass up into the bathroom and brush your teeth get your clothes on get off to school.

Below: a non elapsed time single photograph of the fruit bowl this morning after the orange and after the apple or taken out in that order. And there’s a pomegranate in there too. Don’t ask.

Cheap ass pressed wood fruit bowl with apples and oranges For Non comparison purposes only, and one pomegranate, dammit big f**k*r too. And can someone reset the hide offencive word thing again please? Why does that keep going on? S*** fit fox cut sukr like a madonnimpregnater tits see what I mean?

Don’t get hung up on how many apples there are. Nor oranges. Life is a fruit bowl and the contents vary wildly now

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