If chickens laid a matzo ball every other egg they would not think that human beings are Satan

matzo ball and matzo ball soup as a thing

This is the box of matzo ball mix I was talking about. This predates popcorn by the way in terms of implementation plans.
  1. Matzo balls taste great and matzo ball soup is magical
  2. I think I’ve only had matzo ball soup less than a handful of times in my
    life it’s time to change that
  3. There is no need for me to go back through my entire life and count exactly how many times I have had matzo ball soup, nor do I need to recount my experiences with this delicacy in great detail
  4. Like sex, matzo ball soup it’s something that we remember the first time forever
  5. Matzo ball soup is universally simple to make yet few people make it and not very often at least in my experience
  6. I want some matzo ball soup and I want to make it with you oh, and you know who you are

With the premises above understood and agreed to I urge nonetheless that anyone reading this should not feel voyeuristic if they are not the who you are that I said you are, in other words this is a universal basic human need that I’m talking about. Get your Maslow’s out baby we’re talkin fundamental human survival here. Matzo ball soup… more to come it’s 9:55 a.m. November 21st 2019 and I have a box of matzo ball soup and or matzo ball mix… Fleischmann’s Manischewitz even I think. Thanksgiving is next week and therefore this needs to happen this weekend, the soup Pandora at least the matzo balls you know what I’m saying?

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