One little Bernie Democratic Socialism Joke and it has to get Ugly feets? Was this NECESSARY?

ugly feets wtf what the feets not nice to see

Perhaps the final blow to the skull of an already brain dead nation, this political brouhaha might have crossed the line, bejeezus? Mass shootings and who to blame notwithstanding
is one thing, at least we can insult each other’s intelligence, morality and whether or not we might be desirable sexual partners, but photographs of ugly feets without an upfront warning? Didn’t Tipper Gore teach us anything? Was Frank Zappa’s respectful testimony not enough? All this thrown in our face on a quiet Thanksgiving weekend when we should be sleeping in late and catching up with our chosen gender identification’s genitalia preferential splatterings and gravy recipes, though some say it’s all about the stuffing? Gobble gobble…

Anyway, here’s the krap that started this all out: WARNING. It doesn’t end well. You might want to send pets out of the room.
here, we have the original facebook feets debacle, which began as a simple good natured observation that if you add hashtags to thw ikipedia (pedia? ain’t that feets related? someone research that maybe. this could be actually have a place in the literature someday, wtf if the library of congress can live down the twitter archival buttmess, why not give its place in the anals[sic, yeah, sic ’em] of historical friction [sic don’t push it, Larry(?)]) from a facebook post, link at the end of this mess, don’t blame us, this is what zuckerberg is doing to our nation.

    • Marc Cohen Democratic socialism is like putting sugar on dog poop. No matter how much sugar you put on it, it’s still dog poop.
    • Zen Bock Collected money used to pay cops, teachers, build and maintain roads. And a system of Social Security. All part of Socialism. I have more to worry about. Like the water on tap and water used within my foods and drinks. We each have our priorities on issues. Even on music and styles within a music type. Have a great Thanksgiving
    • Layleen Keifer WTF🤔🤣🤣🤣
    • Bill Purkins I dreamt I was Diogenes in my Maidenformaldehyde Bra, tap dancing with Squeaky Fromme on the Lawrence Show.
    • Paul D Ripperger they spelled ” COMMUNISTIC COMMUNISM ” wrong
    • Mikey Polite Bernie sanders has a net worth of 2.5 million because he has been a revolutionary in Vermont for a very long time, hes also a civil rights activist
      Bill PurkinsBill Purkins replied
    • Mikey Polite Meanwhile Donald trump has been accused of sexual harrassment 23 times since the 80’s and is openly xenophobic and racist towards little brown boys such as myself
      • Bill Purkins Mikey Polite
        23 only? Not even a good year for him I’d think. He probably did more on an average round trip to Eppie’s Isle… How many ya think were just paid off?
      • Mikey Polite Bill Purkins all of them considering a short time after they came forward with credible evidence, they withdrew their claims.
      • Bill Purkins Mikey Polite mistaken identity perhaps? Dim lighting and the shiny reflections off atomic bling numbers 47 and 79 can play tricks on dilated pupils.
    • Bill Purkins Please do not assume that just because I made hashtags out of the verbatim Wikipedia definition of Democratic socialism because to illustrate my personal opinion that the average American the average American probably has a hard time trying to understand what the hell they’re talking about that I think that there’s anything wrong with Democratic socialism. I did not express an opinion on it. Also, just because I made a Bernie Sanders joke does not mean that I think Donald Trump is anything close to being an admirable human being. I am a mugwump, and I am of the opinion that the House of Representatives and the Senate are nothing more than a RICO operation. There are two big crime families in Washington and they get along just fine.
    • Lynda Wenlund Well said Bill. Our country is so polarized now, that different political thoughts are causing people to turn on each other. To me, this is far more dangerous than any political viewpoint can ever poze.
    • Samuel Ross So you mean the free market using the consumer base?!
    • Thomas Aitken There’s nice places and not so nice places. The nicest are run by white people that speak English. They tend to have money. They work and invent things and they don’t have eight kids if they can’t afford to send each of them to college. All the off whites are jealous and want what they’ve got and call them racist if they don’t share.

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