Federal Reserve deprecated immediately martial law introduced as emergency endorphin based currency barter system shuts down US financial system – World Bank in chaos

This is what the end of the Industrial Era looks like…

Oh dem golden slippers…

We’ve been a post industrial era for quite some time, we’ve been in a tech / information culture since the Reagan era.

They will implant small receiver / transmitters behind everyones ear. Phone calls and state broadcasts of ’emergency’ updates…

The next new, definitive socioeconomic era for the US will see a complete and brutal elimination of the Federal Reserve and banking systems and institutions as we know them today, to be replaced by an endorphin based barter system base unit of measure, each significant defined commodity and applicable usage and or transactional scenario related to title transfer, terms as well as consumption having its own meaningful measurable and easily understood unit in regards to actual value, thus achieving a true and self adjusting system of inter-balanced values even to the point of decreasing marginal utility across all commodities and services.

In other words, the true value of the blowjob or a great piece of ass will finally rule.

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