Jersey suspect published anti-semitic posts yet ran straight for first Jewish delicatessen

Grasp the significance of the headline here. “#SuspectPublishedAntiSemiticPosts…”

Yet? The dirtbags ran straight for the first Jewish delicatessen they could find? All to say is, New Jersey. You don’t see s*** like this in New York and please don’t anybody bust chops about disrespecting the loss of a life of a police officer, because that’s not the case at ALL, okay?  The purpose of this post is to make just one prediction here and if it’s wrong it doesn’t matter one rat’s ass, but please accept apologies nonetheless. The guess is that there’s going to be a huge outcry for more gun control here and maybe that’s what we need. I’m not an expert, I don’t know, but this is just my opinion. I’m not saying that we need more gun control, and I do believe that the existing gun controls that we have today either aren’t doing the job as well as they were intended perhaps because criminality is generally several steps ahead of law enforcement, but who the hell knows. That said, here is my prediction.

There will be more outcry asking for and calling for more gun control as this story unfolds than there will be about stopping the flow of illegal drugs that caused this horrible thing to happen In the first place.

As Jersey City shooting unfolded, Katie Couric pushed again for gun control

And unfortunately, this includes the school children who were locked down in the neighborhood while the situation was still ongoing, as well as the teachers and workers in those schools, the administration, and the generally law abiding adult community at large which if you could follow the money paid for the long guns and ammunition that killed that police officer might suggest that somebody in the neighborhood is a good enough customer to keep them in the zip code, or at least just over the railroad tracks for local deliveries.

Meanwhile, the state of New Jersey has decided that it’s easier to legalize recreational marijuana

Voters to Decide on Legalizing Marijuana in New Jersey

than it is to recognize and weed out if you will, sorry for that, the criminal element that supplies it currently to the recreational consumer of THC, and the only reason that that situation exists is because the back in the day it was just too damn difficult to tax something that people could grow almost anywhere themselves, so they did the next best thing, they made it a legal which would scare off a certain percentage of the population, but not enough to get the whole job done, but with fines and confiscation of property and disruption to another wise generally law-abiding lifestyle, not to mention the incredibly lucrative aftermarket a sleazebag bottom of their law class defense attorneys and of course the accompanying low level go nowhere non-threatening to the political machine prosecution counterpart to that entire subhuman subculture, it’s a hell of a nice boost to the economy to boot. Rather, it still being easier to smell a still than sniff out a fluorescent lamp and with alcohol therefore legal and the people who make these protective laws on our behalf able to supplement their meager civil service incomes with stock dividends and profits from liquor sales manufacture and distribution, not to let go unnappreciated the huge US economic sector of the GNP directly attributable to the destructive and deadly effects both after and direct of recreational alcohol consumption abuse, apologies to those who suffer from PTSBS (Pre Traumautic Snake Bite Syndrome), this is not on you, sometimes ya just gotta pick the lesser of two weevils, that’s an aged joke some might not cotton to, nor even get. Not unlike a Three Stooges reference, Moe, Larry and Curly many today like yet recognized, but who remembers Shemp or Hemp or whatever his name was. Now, forget about the NeverEnding argument about whether or not marijuana may or may not be a gateway drug to heroin, fentanyl or puffed corn cheez snacks, but perhaps admit that if you’re from the neighborhood, you probably know where you can get any of those four anywhere near nearly any nearby delicatessen, albeit not right next to the checkout register, except for perhaps the puffed corn cheese snacks, which may or may not contain any dairy dairy products at all, but that allows for a joke that I’m not even going to go for, too cheesy even for the likes of me? Wow. Otherwise? Drink up and Smoke em if you got em, but chances are you haven’t read this far, so to check if you have I as that you please include the hashtag #AdamAntFan in your comments, otherwise they will be deleted. Also deleted will be ANY comments that mention the name of ANY current incumbent elected or appointed offical afilliated with any political party who receives income from a federal, state, commonwealth, county or local governmental agency unless the commenter also posts the last 5 years of their own personal tax returns in PDF form on the #krapchat . com website pm me for details on how to do so and still maintain some privacy. Hugs and fishes, #MrBrown #AboutTime and #AboutTown, at #HiMom.


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