Thor – anyone know if any animals were harmed testing that hammer?

Dammit. Here’s the problem. We’ve been trying to get our resident artist Elmo Machete and our pompous dickhead self aggrandizing fearless leader Mr. Brown to enter a trial period of collaboration with no strings attached or commitments for either of the two dirtbags because they’re both impossible to deal with.

For those of you who do not know who these two clowns are, lucky you, leave now while you can because in our belief there is nothing but pain ahead for you and we do not wish you any harm. However, if you choose to stick around, in our own selfish interests we thank you, because it’s been 6 months now that we’ve been f****** around with this stupid crap website and even though we’re starting to get a little Revenue in the door, not only are we going broke, but we started out broke and we’re a little bit more broke than when we started. We’re not surprised, as looking back over the last half-year that’s most of what we have put on the table for our audience basically sucks.

Anyway. Elmo sketches these great things. Mr. Brown’s words are full of wisdom and witty philosophical gems that we hope someday will change the world, or at least the minds of some people who might kick us a few mill so we can put ties on for one desperate meeting an get one rich chump drunk enough at an after hours joint when

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