The term “White Noise” now considered racially insensitive and potentially psychologically damaging to Caucasians, to be redefined as – “Sounds Of Non Specific Or Frequency Blurred In Their Colorization Hues, Ensuring Serenity” or SonsOfBitches?

An unidentified 1/32767 Native American post-op nee Y chromosomer Scamsgender 2020 Presidential hopeful running on a write-in neo-Mugwump Reform ticket may soon file suit in Small Claims Court to have the phrase “White Noise” struck from the vernacular of political correctness on the grounds that its usage belittles her entire existence, let alone everything she has written to date in her acceptance speech.

“People at my rallies have thrown rocks, used Starbucks lids, broken un-recycled bottles at me, even free dirty needles. How the fuck I suppose to pay for my goddam limousine and buy my dedicated volunteer workers enough energy drnks and pizza keep this grass roots movement movin’ you know what I’m sayin’? You can’t even hear my campaign message over the awful ruckus they make. I mean, here I am trying to unite the American people and 90% of the people in the crowd hate my fuckin’ guts, clearly they just a bunch of White Trash thugs, thinly veiled paid lackey supporters of my Nazi Russian puppet incumbent opponent,” she continued, a thin foaming discharge starting to ooze from her left nostril and eye.

“Just look at that one,” she screamed, swinging a bullhorn at a man in a wheelchair wearing a vintage pussyhat and “I LIKE IKE” hoop earrings. “They mock everything I stand for!”

The man was quickly tazed into a less threatening state when an ANTIFA peacekeeping force of several dozen took turns at tazing him mercilessly until he was pushed into a drainage ditch where he received free counseling and burn treatment after his mini Sterno canned heat supply suddenly burst into Vienna Sausage gel Hellfire, after which he was whisked off for psychiatric evaluation until after the election.

“You people think this shit’s easy, like I got this all wrapped up just gonna move right into


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