Taxidermy: For the record, independent Krapchat research dispels some creepy myths and misconceptions about this respectable but odd choice of life’s work for those who well, we just don’t know…

Setting the record straight on Taxidermy:

1) Nowhere does the definition specify that the animals must be dead, and
2) While the annual average salary of a taxidermist seems rather low, there may be other benefits / quality of life perks (?) that are difficult to put a strict monetary value on [sicfuk].

Some other taxidermy tidbits you might not be aware of:

  • Many taxidermists are very passionate about their work.
  • Some taxidermists might indicate that they feel almost called to their chosen profession.


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  • Taxidermists may statistically significantly answer the phone on the 1st ring more often than other businesses (this needs further study with a controlled test group to be confirmed).

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