Philosophy: Endorphin release, long, short term memory v anecdotal delusional mind games fickle genderswap medical coding challenges for the remaining 98% millennial journey- Non-funded possible new 2 year career path?

Endorphin release recall and appreciation in both sentimental and fiscal value judgements, both long and short memory storage and retrieval, not to even touch upon real-time anecdotal information at this point in our study thank you, are tricky, confusing and seemingly fickle areas between at least the two traditional genders.


Our current funding, ahem, doesn’t permit the luxury of a scope of speculation into the fascinating world of the designers of new patient registration forms. This said, the only advice we give in general with some confidence that we first do no harm to young men at risk of reproducing in the near future is this: “LEAVE THE SEAT DOWN. Even if it’s up when you get there? Put it down before you leave. Someday you’ll understand.”


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