Possible delay as Pelosi prepares to name managers and send impeachment articles to Senate to allow potty break for all House members first?

Read the CNN story below if you think it’s worth it but some Savvy political analysts may possibly be dancing in the aisle has Nancy Pelosi’s latest ploy to ensure that the work of the American people is done just at the right soundbite in time for the 2020 political season.

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We need to get this right is what everyone seems to be thinking and the last thing that anyone would want would be to have such an historically meaningless 15 minutes in American political #BuyPartySin political bullshit be deprived of maximum voodoo impact and senseless waste of your future Social Security benefits that you’ll never likely see anyway so what the fuck does it matter most people are thinking unfortunately and correctly, sorry about that let’s start that sentence over. No time for editing that since a real-time news folks let’s just move on.

Everyone deserves equal time and the last thing we want to do is call for an important vote such as this while some are squirming in their seats having to go potty. Think of the career Rico criminals, especially the long-term incumbents of advanced age and already at a maximum Flomax dosage, their fat asses wedged so tightly into their congressional seat, hanging on for just that one big last Caribbean island retirement home with no income tax and no extradition policy with the US pork barrel bill with their Sign Sealed Delivered and bribed through the Senate paid for with steady cash flow damn near guaranteed until they’re Six Feet Under or the FBI finally Nails them and takes it all away.

You got to remember not everybody can go to the bathroom at once in these hallowed Halls the buildings are old and the plumbing should not be stressed it’s such an important moment in American history. It’s not enough that we can pick any bathroom we want, and it’s not enough that we can sell any vote that we have.

Even if we cannot all pee together we can at least share in the greatest stall of all.


Pelosi prepares to name managers and send impeachment articles to Senate

article video

(CNN)House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to name the lawmakers who will prosecute the case against President Donald Trump as early as Tuesday, according to several House Democrats, as the venue for impeachment on Capitol Hill shifts over to the Senate for the impeachment trial in the coming days.

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