Google to protect your health AND health records from Target & Walmart. Neat-O.

Drive through Coronvirus testing.

1700 Google engineers are putting that together as I write this.

I guess they won’t all get to have a meeting about it together, at least not in New York, where our governor won’t allow more than 500 of us to assemble in one place.

So, Trump, Google, the Walmart & Target CEOs and Gov. New Tappan Zee or whatever his name is get to make this health care choice for 350 million Americans. And some unknown number of illegal aliens with no drivers licenses, auto insurance or for that matter cars, unless there will be mass transit based Coronavirus tests admministered.

How will those work you think? Will the NO SPITTING IN THE SUBWAY law be decriminalized temporarily? Or as you pass through the turnstiles will a guy be told to “turn your head and cough?” What about the other 30 or so some odd other genders? Just curious.

Okay. Somehow drive through for 350 million plus tests will work. After that thevwhole country will be back on line and or on the road to good health and if you do hapen to test positive for the Coronavirus and or anything ELSE, they might just need to collect some other statistical information while they’ve got the chance, just sign the paper and show your photo ID not you Mr. Regugee or Cartel mule or Sanctuary City dweller, here, you just get a voter registration form, can’t read it? No problem, we’ll have someone fill it out for you by the way here are some complementary $20 coupons for your next Walmart & Target purchases… Save yourself a bundle on store brand hand sanitizer, single ply toilet paper, anti-depressants, 75 pound sacks of rice, canned tuna and lime shrimp ramen noodles.


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